1. A good day. 😊 (at Corona del Mar State Beach)


  2. A compilation of some of my macro photography shots! :]

  3. photojojo:

    Each year, the UK’s Royal Observatory in Greenwich hosts one of the best astrophotography competitions around, accepting submissions from scientists and amateur photographers from across the globe.

    Yesterday, they posted the jaw-dropping images that won out of last year’s 15,000 entries.

    Take a Look at Some of the Best Astrophotography From 2014

    via Ars Technica

  5. sarahj-art:


    yo you wanna smash some bros?

  6. You give and take away
    You give and take away
    My heart will choose to say, Lord
    Blessed be your name

  7. httyd 2 end credit backgrounds [2/4]

  8. Land of Asians (and ninjas?)

  9. lizclimo:

    seems legit

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  10. Tripod. Camera. Lights. Action.