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    Character design notes for Gray Fox

    From The Art of Metal Gear Solid

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    Finalized Bionicle 2015 Set Images Discovered

    We’ve got some exciting news for you guys! At long last, we have on hand finalized images of the Bionicle 2015 sets! These pictures were discovered and graciously given to us by just2good from YouTube, and are the finalized images for all of these sets for 2015 Winter release! Absent from this photoset, unfortunately, is Onua and the Protectors. You can see all of the images in the video below:

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  3. [ A S C E N D ]

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    Epitome of Tranquility | Dylan Gehlken
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    Kenpachi would have a field day….or be horribly bored

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    Castlepoint, New Zealand | Colin Brooks
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    Brooklyn Bridge | by: { Perlas Ensangrentadas }

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  9. When you go on youtube to watch a video but end up watching other suggested videos and then end up forgetting why you went on youtube in the first place.


  10. I’m taking an Asian American Creative Studies class and this documentary on Asian American males in the film/tv industry definitely struck a chord. It described frustrations and ideas that I had no way of fleshing out on my own. It spoke to me deeper than I thought it would. I feel strangely empowered.